Blogs and Articles

- Inbound marketing often depends upon creating constant valuable content. I can help you with that! Our writers are well-versed in inbound marketing tactics and will work with your team to develop a content creation strategy. Commonly, we are involved from developing an editorial calendar to posting the blogs and other articles. Contact us to see some examples of the current blogs we write for!


- We would sit down for a nice interview where I ask all kinds of questions about your life to get to know you. If you're thinking, "Oh no, I wouldn't know what to say," don't worry. The beauty about the process is that this is a test you already know all of the answers to. You lived it, remember?

- Depending on what you're using the bio for, I would then write your story and angle it towards your audience. If it is for a site where your customers will be visiting, I will keep that in mind.


- Need someone to consult with on creative marketing, content, or social media? I'm happy to hop in and help direct you in matters relating to creating content, both visual and written. We specialize in the visual web with an extra focus on Pinterest, so if you've been itching to pin, we've got you covered.



- If you have a website, you will likely want the words on it to represent you well. I've written for a wide variety of websites and would be happy to write for yours.

Press Kits

- Are you releasing a product or starting a business? Even your organization should have its story ready to go for potential media outlets and curious customers.


One Sheets

- I specialize in the arts industry and would interview and write your band's bio as well as an in-depth promotional review of the album for you to send in your press kits to venues you are trying to book and any other industry professionals you are looking to get in contact with.

-If you are a musician, a professionally written bio is essential. 

Other Writing

- I'm not a writing snob. I like writing about almost everything. If you have a writing project you would like me to be a part of, please contact me and we will talk it out. If it's not up my alley, remember that I have an incredible crew of writers on my team who specialize in genres I could never claim to be an expert in.

Get in touch!