I write because....

I like people.

Ok, that isn’t the only reason, but enjoying time spent with new people is a big part of why I write and consult. So often, I meet someone who has an incredible life story full of twists and surprises that I couldn’t make up even if I tried to. They have either achieved something remarkable or have journeyed through something difficult. These things are not simply the pathways to where they are now, but are what makes up who they are.

After studying journalism and beginning a freelancing career, I found myself drawn to any project that allowed me to use my creativity to solve problems. Writing is at the base of everything I do because I believe that excellent communication is something every project needs, but I also look for any opportunity to dive deeper, consulting on everything from art direction to social media buys. I tell people that I make wonderfully productive messes.

I currently devote half of my time to writing and consulting for websites, startups, press releases, magazines, individuals, and anywhere else someone might need a creative brain on hand.

What do I spend the other half of my time doing? Wow, I didn’t think you’d notice that.

My husband and I live downtown Toronto and are rather addicted to live music, loitering at coffee shops, and spending too much money on groceries to cook meals we haven’t a clue how to make.